★★★★★ Allan Walsh / Melbourne, Australia

"Now with my Cool Cap®, I can get into my car, touch my steering wheel and gear stick and drive off comfortably. My Air Conditioning also works more efficiently. It's an absolutely great product which I will keep in my car forever."
★★★★★ Jeri G. Masterson / Houston, TX

"It’s like having a portable garage... now I am not dreading the coming summer!"
★★★★★ Donald Durland / Tempe, AZ

"Guys, GREAT product! I'm very happy with my purchase! I've not seen anything that blocks the desert sun and heat from a vehicle as well as Cool Cap®. Thanks again."
★★★★★ John Stratton / Naples, FL

"Your Cool Cap® product is great! I keep it on my car every time it is not moving! It feels great not to get in a car that feels like an oven! Thank you!"
★★★★★ Nick Page / Brisbane Australia

"It's brilliant!  So easy to use."
★★★★★ Jeff Wood / Pittsburgh, PA

"Cool Cap® is definitely a great product!"
★★★★★ Robert Thomas / Savannah, TN

"Your Cool Cap® is a well made product. Installation and fit were as advertised.  Customer service was great!"
★★★★★ Barry Brooks

"The product really proved itself during our last bout of high heat.  It works great!"