Sun Shades do not work!  Full car covers are a pain – and they do not block heat!

Having a Cool Cap is like having a portable garage!

Protect your car and everything in it

90 Degrees Cooler – Guaranteed!

Made in the USA!

Guaranteed to Keep Your Car 90° Cooler on a Hot Day 

5 Universal Sizes  - From sports cars to SUVs – we’ve got you covered!

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Tired of your car baking like an oven?  Your interior being destroyed?

How It Works

Our mirror-like Reflectionite Fabric® blocks the heat from the outside, before it get’s into your car.

By covering your car’s roof and all the glass the Cool Cap® effectively acts like a portable garage.  Your car dashboard will be over 100 degrees cooler on hot days when you use a Cool Cap®.

Sun Shades don’t keep a car cool
...because they are located inside the car.
...because they only block the sun at the front windshield.

Cool Caps® work because our highly reflective fabric blocks all the heat from all the windows and the roof - from the outside, before it gets into your car!

Simply pull them on or toss them over your car. Velcro Straps fasten at each side-view mirror. Lock the tail into your trunk or use our unique Soft Hooks to fasten your Cool Cap® to your vehicle.  Every Cool Cap®   comes with 4 Soft Hooks.

See our FAQ for more specifics, but the bottom line is the Cool Cap® does exactly what we say it does - Guaranteed!

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