I’m still not exactly sure what size to order?

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Can I pay by phone or use a check?

You can send a check made out to "Reflectionite" to> Reflectionite, 743 Alexander Road, Suite 1, Princeton, NJ 08540   Make sure to add $9.99 for shipping and to tell us what you want.  We do not take orders over the phone.  

Is the Cool Cap® hard to use?

Full car covers are a pain. Our Standard size is about 1/2 the size of a car cover… so it’s half a pain. For small cars it’s pretty easy - we put them on in about 30 seconds. For larger vehicles its more work. Just like anything else - the more you do it, the easier it gets. The biggest trick it to work with the wind, not against it.  To take them off you just release the straps and/or hooks and pull it off the roof and fold it over your arms a few times. We just throw them into our trunks or rear cargo areas. 

The bottom line is, they don’t put themselves on. But they do keep your car as cool as it would be in a garage. So if you are parking your car for a bit in hot weather, the effort can be well worth it. We hate getting into hot cars, we don’t want our car’s interior and everything in it slowly falling apart from baking in the sun. If that’s you… it’s worth a little pain to use a Cool Cap.

Watch this video and this video!  (EACH UNIT COMES WITH 3 SOFT HOOKS - THE VIDEO IS OLD)

Is the Cool Cap® Waterproof?

Yes! No problem leaving them out in the rain – water shakes right off them.  They are also great for Snow & Ice.

Why are they better than full car covers and sunshades?

Car Covers are a pain! They are big and bulky and they don’t block heat… and most of them become soggy messes when it rains. Sun Shades don’t work! they only protect your dash… only when the sun is in front of your car. That’s why we invented the Cool Cap®.  Our mirror-like Reflectionite Fabric® is non-breathable and waterproof. It won’t let the heat in and it won’t become a soggy mess. And since it only covers the roof and windows, they are way easier to use than cumbersome car covers! Yuck!  Watch this video!

How does the cool cap® stay on your car?

Velcro straps at each side view mirror, soft hook tabs sewn alone the edge of the Cool Cap®. The tail, locks into the trunk for sedans. Every Cool Cap® comes with three (3) bendable soft hooks, not 4.  See this video.

If you are worried about theft, which we none of our customers have ever complained about, we sell a nice little rubber-coated retractable cable lock.  You can also pull out a sharpie and just write your license plate number on your Cool Cap.

How often do you use your Cool Cap®?

I hate getting into a hot car, so I throw my  Cool Cap® over my Lexus Sedan all the time... even if I am just running into the store. It takes me about 15 seconds to put on, less than 10 to take off. Extra car in the driveway, airport parking, construction site, that baking parking lot at the office – perfect places to use a Cool Cap®.

Warranty/guarantee - 30/1/90

30 days - no questioned asked / free returns and exchanges if purchased on this website

1 year - limited warranty against manufacturing defects

90 degrees cooler on your dashboard - on a hot day

How long will it take to ship me my Cool Cap®?

Give us a week and it’s there.  Want it faster - go for express shipping.  It's only a couple bucks more!

How do I setup my Cool Cap®?

Simple!  Watch this setup video and this tips video.

Every unit comes with 3 soft hooks.

exchanges & returns

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Questions - contact service@itscoolinhere.com

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Burke Wood / Reflectionite® 
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Email: service@itscoolinhere.com
Phone: 609-213-9849

Does the Cool Cap® work well in the winter?

YES! The Cool Cap® is great at protecting your car from snow, ice and frost, which shakes right off. Watch this video and this video!

Can you really cook eggs on a car?

In a car?  Yes! We have measured temperatures as high as 210 degrees on dashboards. We have cooked eggs, burgers, pork chops, steak... on our dashboard on 80 degree days! Your car heats up like a convection oven. The constant heating and cooling pulls your cars interior apart. Watch us cook in cars here and here!

Can I Sell Cool Caps?

Sure!  Buy in quantities of 10 or more and we will cover the shipping costs.