My brother Jimmy moved to Florida in 1987.

He loved living in Florida, but hated the way his car baked in the sun!

Wherever he parked, he was always looking for shade, cracking the windows, getting his car soaked in the sudden downpours, fighting with sun shades.  There must be a better way, he thought to himself. 


I would go to get in my car to drive to a meeting - and before the AC could kick in, I would be a sweaty mess.  Winters in Florida are great....Summers in Florida....brutal.  Hot cars are the worst part.  Its uncomfortable and your car and everything in it gets destroyed!

Jimmy looked at what NASA was doing, everything going up into space was shielded in reflective foils. He had an idea.  He covered his cars windows and roof in foil - and it worked!


That first test really got me going - the concept absolutely worked.  Next I had to figure out how to make a reflective fabric that could be fashioned into a cover.  I found that there was no need to cover the entire car to keep a car cool.  I just had to figure out how to cover all the windows and the roof.... I needed to make....a  Cool Cap!

Jimmy set up his first prototype for me on his car, on the beach at Sanibel Island, Florida.  It wasn't pretty.  He let the car cook in the sun for an hour - and then told me to get in.  I was completely skeptical, until i got in that car.

I would not have believed it unless I had felt how cool that car was.  It was as if it was sitting inside a garage.  I was in.

In 2009 we took the product to market, and won a prestigious  BEST NEW PRODUCT AWARD at SEMA.