ARE YOU Tired of your car baking like an oven?  Your interior being destroyed?


Our mirror-like Reflectionite® Fabric blocks the heat from the outside, before it get’s into your car.

A Cool Cap® is not white, grey, or "silverized" - it's REFLECTIVE! 99.9% of the sun's energy bounces off it. Other car covers trap heat - we REFLECT it. By covering your car’s roof and all the glass the Cool Cap® effectively acts like a portable garage. Your car's dashboard will be over 100 degrees cooler on hot days when you use a Cool Cap®. Check out our temperature chart. The numbers don't lie!

Sun Shades don’t keep a car cool

...because they are located inside the car.
...because they only block the sun at the front windshield.

See our FAQ for more specifics, but the bottom line is the Cool Cap® does exactly what we say it does - Guaranteed!
If you are not completely satisfied, we'll pay to ship it back!